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A manufacturer and distributor of specialty failure analysis tools…
located on the Pacific coast,west of Silicon Valley.

Accelerated Analysis, founded by Dave Burgess, is a source for hard to find information and tools needed by failure analysts. Our original classic designs, previously sold by Technology Associates, are still fully supported.

During the last few years, Accelerated Analysis has introduced updated and completely new product lines. Liquid crystal for hot spot detection is now available in premixed solutions preferred by many analysts. A new line of parallel polish and cross section fixtures are designed slightly larger and heavier for hand held procedures made possible by diamond and alumina polishing films. Accelerated Analysis now has its own complete line of diamond, alumina, and SiC abrasives on Mylar film. Because we use the materials we offer, we can provide application tips to help solve customers’ challenges. Polishing accessories are compatible with all 8 inch polishers.

Our wet nitride etch, GREEN™, has been well received as an etch for thinning or removing plasma nitride for failure analysis and other deprocessing tasks. GREEN™ is selective to both aluminum and oxide. It offers an alternative to dry plasma etching and avoids the possibility of plasma charging damage.

Accelerated Analysis has the experience and knowledge necessary to select and use failure tools efficiently and effectively. Short courses on specific topics may be arranged for presentation at your site. Comprehensive training courses are offered for engineers and technicians.

The tutorial section of this web site contains selected topics from a book, Wafer Failure Analysis for Yield Enhancement, now in print. The purpose of this book is to help wafer manufacturers and fabless companies use failure analysis tools to solve yield and reliability problems.

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